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Q.  What makes the EcoCycle X1 Vector so unique?
A.  It has to be it's unparalled handling, style and comfort
Q.  Is it easy to drive?
A.  It is very easy to drive.  Although there is  nothing quite like it, if you don't intuitively know how to drive it at first,  you will figure it out in less than 15 minutes. 
Q.  How do you steer it?
A. The EcoCycle X1 Vector is controlled through movement of the handlebars.  To make a right  turn you push forward on the right handlebar, for a left turn, push the left handlebar forward.  This is the most assertive way to control the vehicle.  For casual rides, leaning your body can easily maneouvre the trike.  We must recommend you have the handlebars in hand at all times in case you need to apply the brakes.
Q.  What's up with that Dynamic  Progressive Steering Axis?
A.  The Dynamic Progressive Steering Axis of D.P.S.A. as we like to call it,  allows for variable geometry of the articulation axis.  Through the vehicle's 4 year development, determing the geometry of the vehicle was the greatest challenge.  Achieving high speed stability and low speed maneuverability required different geometries, hence the necessity of D.P.S.A. in a vehicle of this kind.
Q.  Will it tip over when you are stopped?
A.  No, the EcoCycle uses a special elastomeric damper in it's design that returns the vehicle to center when steering input is removed.
Q.  What are the advantages of this design over conventional tricycles?
A.  In our opinion, the advantages are as follows:
  •       Because the vehicle is  a lean steering design, you can better counteract centrifugal forces when cornering.
  •       There is no possibility of doing an endo or "stoppie" with heavy brake application due to its mass-centralized design
  •       It is very compact due to its design
  •       The seat is fully adjustable negating the need to alter your chain or boom length
  •       The crank is very rigid allowing for efficient power transfer
  •       The vehicle has full fenders as standard equipment to keep  road water off  you
Q.  Is it fast?
A.  50-11 top gear ratio, 100 PSI tires, minimal wind  and  rolling  resistance.  Because of liability reasons we do not recommend you drive faster than 15 km/hr. 
Q.  Will it tip over?
A.  Like any vehicle, it is subject to the laws of physics.  However once you learn to drive the machine you will understand its capabilities and truly come to enjoy its incredible handling. 
Q.  What size operators will it accommodate?
A.  The vehicle fits riders between 5'4" to 6'4" the best. 
Q.  How much does it cost?
A.  Introductory pricing for the EcoCycle X1 Vector is $3995.00 Cdn.
Q.  How can I get one?
A.  Give us a call, we'll be happy to help out.
Q.  I do not live in Canada, can I still buy one?
A.  As we are a new company, insurance is a big cost  for us.  At this time we can only sell to a Canadian address.
Q.  Why would I want an EcoCycle X1 Vector?
A.  You would want an EcoCycle if you value amazing comfort, incredible handling and want to drive the coolest tricycle money can buy.